free incense tray included when you purchase 2+ incense boxes (while supplies last)
free incense tray included when you purchase 2+ incense boxes (while supplies last)
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| Shipping |
Shipping charges are calculated and displayed at checkout.  All orders are packaged and shipped via USPS from my Charleston, SC location.  Orders are shipped within 1-3 business days after order is placed.  Due to an increase in online shopping, current turn-around times for orders may be prolonged at the shipping facility.  I do not guarantee delivery dates.  Thank you for your patience and for choosing to shop small!
| Local Pickup |
Pickup is offered for customers in the Charleston, SC area.  Pickup arrangements will be made via email after checkout.
| Returns/Exchanges |
All sales are final.  I will not be accepting returns and/or exchanges for any reason other than damaged goods.  If you have received damaged goods and/or the wrong product please contact me within 48 hours of receiving the product.  If product is damaged send me your order number and I will submit a claim for you.  If you receive the wrong product, I will replace it with the correct product free of charge to you.  In either case please send me photos of your product upon arrival.  I will not replace missing or stolen packages.
| Fragrance |
The maximum fragrance load is used in each product.  Fragrance strengths do vary from product to product.  Some scents are very strong, and some are more subtle.  Scent strengths do strengthen with longer cure times.  Each candle sold is cured for a minimum of 2 weeks before it reaches the customer.  If you feel your candle is not giving off the scent strength that you desire, simply replace the lid and let the candle rest for a bit longer.
The products are scented with fragrance oil that is as close to natural as possible and is of very high quality.  Essential oils are not used in the products as some essential oils can become toxic when heated.  Some essential oils can also be toxic to our furry friends as well.  I want my products to be as safe as possible for you and your entire family.
| Soy Wax |
The soy wax used in the products is biodegradable and 'clean burning', meaning it does not burn off toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants as some other very popular candle waxes can.  The wax used does not produce soot or CO2.  Soy wax also lasts longer than the traditional paraffin waxes as it has a lower melting point.  Approximate burn times have been thoroughly tested and are posted on each listing.  Soy wax can get 'bumpy' or uneven after the initial burn and is completely normal.