free incense tray included when you purchase 2+ incense boxes (while supplies last)
free incense tray included when you purchase 2+ incense boxes (while supplies last)
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Happy Mama's Story


My name is Ashley and I am a wife as well as a mama to two littles.  I started my journey with candle making a couple years before I started making them for others.  My candle making journey started out with a simple starter kit to make candles for my home.  I have always been obsessed with making sure my home smells amazing, even if that meant diffusers, candles, wax melts, and incense tucked into every corner.

I never had the intention of owning my own business and certainly did not plan to own my own candle company when I purchased that first starter kit.  I purchased some candle supplies out of the blue in late 2020 and something just clicked and I knew - this is what I am suppose to be doing.  I immediately dove in head first and never looked back.

If I had any doubts in this venture, the universe had it's own way of telling me to keep going.  Within a couple weeks of starting my new business I got news that I would not be able to work from home as I had planned (I was at the time 8 months pregnant), and as if that was not enough, my daughter's daycare closed their doors abruptly at the same time (thanks COVID).  This left me unable to work at my healthcare job for much longer, and unable to find childcare on such short notice for a newborn and four year old- if this isn't the universe's way of telling you that you can make this work for your family, then I don't know what is!

This company is not only my way of flexing my creative side while making homes smell fabulous, but before it even started it turned into my way of being able to stay at home with my babies, slow down, and enjoy life.  Why had I been working so hard to make someone else's dreams come true when I could be putting that same energy into my own dreams, and be able to spend time with my babies at the same time?!  That is the true definition of happy for this mama, and was how Happy Mama Candle Co. was born.

Thank you for visiting my website, and thank you for keeping this mama's dreams alive.  Stay Happy! ~Ashley